Sample Question Papers

General Knowledge for PUNSUP Exam

General Knowledge

Q1. Who converted Sikhs into martial race?

A) Arjundev

B) Gobind Singh

C) Hargovind

D) Teg Bahadur

E) None of these

Q2. Who was called ‘Chanakya of Maratha Politics’?

A) Baji Rao II

b) Balaji Viswanath

C) Nana Pharnabis

D) Mahadaji Sindia

E) None of these

Q3. Who was the Hindu Saint to have as disciple both Hindus and Muslim?

A) Sre Chaitanya

B) Ramanuja

C) Rabidas

D) Namdev

E) None of these

Q4. The maximum export of India is to:

A) United State of America

B) Germany

C) Russia

D) Britain

E) None of these

Q5. The highest number of cotton mills in India is?

A) Ahmedabad

B) Mumbai

C) Coimbatore

D) Kolkata

E) None of these

Q6. A plant cell differs from an animal cell in the absence of:

A) Mitochondria

B) Centrioles

C) Ribosomes

D) Endoplasmic reticulum

E) None of these

Q7. The metal that is present in Photo Films is:

A) Mercury

B) Platinum

C) Magnesium

D) Silver

E) None of these

Q8. Which of the following is in liquid form at room temperature?

A) Cerium

B) Sodium

C) Francium

D) Lithium

E) None of these

Q9. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity?

A) Copper

B) Mica

C) Zinc

D) Silver

E) None of these

Q10. Washing soda is the common name of:

A) Calcium Carbonate

B) Calcium Bi-Carbonate

C) Sodium Carbonate

D) Sodium Bi- Carbonate

E) None of these

Reasoning for PUNSUP

Punjab GK Questions

Maths for PUNSUP


1. B                         2. C                         3. D                        4. A                        5. A       

6. B                         7. D                        8. C                         9. D                        10. C

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